Closer to Love Collection

Closer to Love Collection

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Well, I promised I would do this more often. Honestly is really a challenge for me to put the fabric down and pick up the computer!! The last post was about the whirlwind last six months, well wait till you hear about the last 6 weeks!!!! It is truly amazing! So I went to market in Dallas and Atlanta, it was awesome!! I came home and knew I needed a bigger workspace, so I thought well this could be it!! My big dream happening! My creative space! My workshop, shopshop, and a community gathering space to just play and have fun!!!!! So I did it!! Our soft opening was on Sunday! The sales in the last 3 days have left the store almost empty!! I really cant believe it! And everyone says "Why cant you believe it?" I don't know. Honestly, i suppose its hard for me to believe that my deepest heartfelt dreams are coming true! I am so honored to have the love and support of my family, friends and this most amazing beautiful community that I live in. As the clothing that I make may be cute, or even "cool" what I hope transcends is the love!!!
Oh gosh did I just get all goopy on the blog? yep!!
Good thing I don't have any followers yet!! HA! This is just like my journals! And I would always sign them...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Wow!! What an amazing summer!! The fastest in my life!! I can offcially say that Nicole Paloma has spread her wings! In the spring we launched the "Closer to Love Collection" with much love and support from my dear friends. I remember telling everyone that would listen " something big is happening!" It did!! Our company was flooded with orders! Both from our beloved Nicole Paloma hombres, Ha! You know who you are!!! to laugh at yourself sometimes!
A new store opened this spring in seaside, Duckies!! Duckies Shop of Fun carried the entire Nicole Paloma Children's line! I was so excited. What blew my mind, it sold out, again and again through the summer!! Along with the Watersound Beach Club, and Ophelia. And then at the end of summer we launched our "Alta Costura" line in the World Six Gallery in Rosemary beach!!
Whew!!! The next adventure is one that I hope will continue to be a part of Nicole Paloma. We created a charitable t-shirt for our beloved program. Food For Though Outreach provides meals for children in our community and each shirt sold supports meals for three children a week! Shirts can be purchased at Sweet Bay Prints here in local Santa Rosa Beach, FL. And on thursday, I will be flying to Dallas to showcase the Spring/Summer 2012 Children's line!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Live Love Beach Adult T's

Just wanted to let you all know that my beloved Live, Love, Beach adult T shirts will be for sale at Sweet Bay Prints in Santa Rosa Beach next week!


Welcome to Nicole Paloma! We are a unique children's clothing company. Created by myself, Nicole Paloma Rockhill. So where did it start? Here's the story......
In essence this company started when I was 8 yrs old, sitting in my room cutting up my clothes and hand-sewing them back together! Actully, my story even begins before that with my great-grandmother and grand mother as high-end seamstresses of Palm Beach, FL. My grandmother has taught me much of what I know today. Several years ago I purchased a sewing machine for myself. Since then it has hardly had time to cool down! I absolutely love fabric! Like really love it! I have an addiction to it, that, matched with my entrepreneurial spirit, created this company.
I love making new designs and working with people personally and individually, and getting to know the children's personality. So in addition to what is available for sale on my webite I can custom design clothing that will reflect your ideas as well.
I get asked quite often"Where does "paloma" come from?" I have always signed my art "paloma" which is my middle name and means "dove" in spanish, you will see that often in my work.
As my family and I moved to Santa Rosa Beach, Fl in March of 2009, I have been so blessed to become a part of this amazing community. During this time I was introduced to the organization Heartworks Kids. This non-profit charitable organization has given me even more inspiration to make my company great and profitable. 10% of all profit goes to Heartworks Kids. Please look into our links page for more info on Heartworks Kids.